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Who & What We Are

South Punjab Labs is a leading independent clinical lab in Southern Punjab. It was founded under the joint leadership of Dr. Aliya Fayyaz Shaheen and Prof. Dr. Zubair Shaheen along with a team of highly qualified and technically trained staff, currently, there are five operational collection points across South Punjab Region.

Emergency Cases

For emergency cases, South Punjab Labs also offers urgent reporting. A thorough analysis and testing board for our patients with reliable quick results.

The SPL Team

The team at South Punjab Labs whether they’re pathologists, lab scientists, or doctors are handpicked for excellence and innovation in their respective fields. Our team goes through routine workshops and training sessions to ensure the highest productivity and renewed work ethic.

New Advancements

We here at South Punjab Labs are always looking for ways to improve and enhance. Whether it’s through our state-of-the-art equipment or our medical research. Our priority is to keep in touch with every advancement in order to ensure our status as one of the leading labs in the region.


A complete and comprehensive blood count to evaluate any deficiencies or disorders in your body.

Blood Sugar Test

The measure of the amount of glucose in your blood to help diagnose diabetes or regulate glucose levels.

Vit D Test

A test to monitor vitamin D levels in your body for normal bodily functions or ruling out deficiencies.

Lipid Profile

A blood test to measure the amount of cholesterol and triglycerides.It evaluates risk of diseases in the future.

Hormone Profile

A close watch on the regulation and balance of hormone levels in your body which determine other functions and behaviors.

Thyroid Panel

A profile to evaluate thyroid gland function and to help diagnose thyroid disorders.

Uric Acid Test

A blood & urine test to determine levels of uric acid in your body for normal functioning.

Blood Health Screen

Test to determine bone density, strength, and calcium levels.

Most Test Performed

Covid PCR0%
Bone health screen0%

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